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Read "Copps airbrushes role in FCC dereg binge" by MultiChannel's Hearn

Ted Hearn of Multichannel News has a dead on post 'Copps airbrushes role in FCC dereg binge" that I suggest anyone interested in the FCC's real bipartisan role in dealing with the "net neutrality" should read.

Ted's post exposes some serious political revisionism that is going on by the senior Democrat at the FCC in pandering to one of the most liberal. take-no-prisoners bloggers, Mr. Stoller of OpenLeft.

  • Commissioner Copps apparently thinks noone noticed that he voted with all FCC Commissioners to approve re-classifying DSL, Wireless and Broadband over Powerlines as competitive information services and not telecom services subject to common carrier/net neutrality like mandates.

Apparently, Commissioner Copps may have his very own moment of flip-flop fame: "that he voted against net neutrality before he was for net neutrality."