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Debunking more net neutrality revisionist history

Liberal blogger Matt Stoller of OpenLeft has a post at Save the Internet that lamely tries to rewrite "the history of net neutrality" in his commentary about his interview with FCC Commisioner Michael Copps.

  • Mr Stoller claims that "Net neutrality was the law of the land until 2005..."
  • This is fantasy and revisionist history at its worst.
    • The term "net neutrality" was coined by Columbia Professor Tim Wu and first used publicly in late 2002.
      • Net neutrality is in no law and could not be the law of the land.
    • Net neutrality, or mandated non-discrimination, also was never required of cable modems -- so it certainly was not the law of the land.
    • The 1993 Act that promoted wireless competition through PCS spectrum auctions, did not apply nondiscrimination requirements -- so net neutrality was certainly not the law of the land for wireless.
    • What Mr. Stoller fails to understand or acknowledge was that there was a multi-year legal debate about whether broadband was a new competitive service or not, which was in fact settled by the US Supreme court in 2005.