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"Google-aganda:" Do as I say not as I do" See great Network World piece

Johna Till Johnson of Network World, has got Google's number in the article "Net Neutrality? Google, go first!"

  • "Forget "don't be evil" -- Google's real motto is: "Just trust us (and pay no attention to the man behind the curtain).""

    "Sorry, fellas, I'm not the trusting sort. And I always worry about the man behind the curtain. The reality behind the propaganda is this: The "open" company's considerable fortunes are based around the world's most proprietary search engine. And as for "neutral" -- try Googling Google, and you may notice something surprising: very few negative comments on the company pop up. Odd, no?"

Dead on. Google has a corporate self-interest just like any corporation does.

  • Google just excels at the "Google-aganda" that tries to wrap the "public interest" around Google's "private interest"  so that "if it is good for Google it is good for America."

Many consumer groups (see this link) have "drank the Google Kool-Aid" and sold their soul and credibility to Google apparently believing the company can do no wrong...

  • I predict these consumer groups will rue the day that their co-dependence and fealty enabled Google to dominate "their" Internet with "their" help, allowed Google to concentrate new media dramatically more than any old media ever could, and looked the other way while Google completely invaded Americans privacy to an extent only emagined by George Orwell.

I have long been railing against Google's blatant double standards and hypocrisy in public policy and in business practices.  

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