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Computerworld debunks Google's spin on improving privacy protection

I highly recommend a great ComputerWorld article: "Google's cookie expiration plan called worthless."

Google has made a big mistake thinking that web users are stupid and won't test and check their blanket assertions. Here are a couple of quotes from the great ComputerWorld article:

  • "After listening to feedback from our users and from privacy advocates, we've concluded that it would be a good thing for privacy to significantly shorten the lifetime of our cookies," [Google's]Fleischer said.

    But the fact that Google's cookies will autorenew every time a user visits a Google Web site completely negates any effect the move might have had, Abrams said. Only users who do not return to Google for two years will have their cookies autoexpire after that period. In all other cases, cookies will autorenew and reset their life spans with each visit to a Google site."

It seems that Google is very deserving of its ranking as being the worst major company in the world on privacy according to Privacy International.