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Googleopoly evidence growing #1: Yahoo's search/display problem

Google tries to maintain that search and display advertising are separate markets and not direct competitors.

It appears Yahoo would beg to differ.

Today's New York Times reported:

  • "...Yahoo recently shook up its ad sales force, combining into a single unit its search advertising and display advertising." 

  • "Mr. Barry said that the reorganization would probably help Yahoo in the long term, as marketers increasingly want to combine their purchases of search and display advertising." [bold added]

The FTC will have to investigate and confirm this search/display fact/trend.

  • If it is true, and search and display are increasingly purchased together, it could make for rougher sledding for the Google-Doubleclick merger at the FTC.
  • The search and display markets are highly interdependent -- and directly compete with one another for ad dollars.