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Great WSJ Editorial on Google: "Sort of Evil" Will consumer groups tune in?

Please don't miss Holman Jenkin's great Wall Street Journal editorial on Google: "Sort of Evil."

I particularly like his new term for net neutrality/open access regulation: "business model chauvinism." Dead on.

  • Google is lobbying for laws and regulations which will advantage their business model and further their dominance of Internet advertising, and also to "block, degrade and impair" any other business model from competing with Google.
    • Simply, Google has a very sophisticated strategy to foreclose potential competition to Google.

He also points the spotlight on what Google is really doing in organizing groups to view broadband companies as the big public enemy for things they might do in the future, and how that conveniently distracts people from scrutinizing Google's own increasing dominance of online advertising and the business model of the Internet. 

I am interested in seeing if major consumer groups will join the lead consumer privacy groups in being concerned about the Google-DoubleClick merger.

  • Right now the mainstream consumer groups are giving Google a pass because they effectively bankroll the net neutrality movement.
    • The question is does Google deserve an antitrust pass from the consumer groups for their funding for net neutrality?
    • Or should consumer groups be independent and be able to address threats to consumer welfare from whereever they come -- even from so-called "friends".
    • It will be interesting to see how the consumer groups handle this one as evidence mounts that their is a big and growing consumer problem -- right in their own midst!