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A new "online workers union" to promote net neutrality?

Thank you Tech Daily for flagging a silly blog by MyDD calling for an organizing an "online workers union... to look out for the political interests of online workers. These interests include net neutrality, intellectual property law like DMCA..."

You can see me shaking my head in disbelief now... an online workers union for net neutrality...

Let me highlight just a few of the silly aspects of this idea.

First, organizing bloggers into a union to promote net neutrality?

  • Duh! It already exists! 
  • The "online workers union" is called and it already has 3 million members, all they have to do is change from political donations and require mandatory union dues.  
  • The MoveOn/FreePress folks already operate as de facto union bosses of the net neutrality movement.
  • And by the way doesn't MyDD know that the Consumers "Union" already supports net neutrality regulation?

Second, social media technology already allows onliners to organize around what ever idea they want whenever they want. Its a free country and a free and open Internet. Why not create: 

  • UnionBosster?
  • MyUnionSpace?
  • UnionFace?
  • Goonion?
  • LaeBayr? 
  • AmUnionZon?
  • Wikidarity? 
  • eUnionDues?
  • SaveUsFromIndividualism?
  • OrganizeAgainstYourself?
  • Socialized Internet?
    • Surely MyDD could "move on" one of these many "online workers union" ideas.

Third, MyDD's idea for organizing eBay sellers is sort of bizarre.

  • I thought these eBay "sellers" were entrepreneurs and businesspeople making a living running their own businesses.
  • Aren't they their own "management" that unions generally oppose?     


  • Or are all eBay sellers "workers" for the eBay webopoly that has 95% share of the online auctions market -- per Jupiter Research?
  • Or are eBay sellers "businesses" who have no real competitive choice of auction platform?

Fourth, I have some ideas for a new rallying cry for MyDD:

  • "Online workers unite against the tyranny of choosing to work at home or wherever you want!" 
  • "Rise up online workers against the Internet free market!"
  • "Stop Internet capitalism!"

Finally, it really appears MyDD wants to organize better politically. Maybe they could create an online political party!? Yeah that's the ticket! Nobody has ever thought of that? How about:

  • The Online People's Party?
  • Democrats for a Government-run Net? 
  • The Netocratic Party?
  • The New Luddite Party? 
  • The No Progress Party?
  • The Digital Socialist Party?
  • The Move On Party?