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Backgrounder for potential "Blogger-in-Chief" Fred Thompson

Learning that potential Republican Presidential candidate Fred Thompson loves blogging and understands the medium's growing and significant political influence, I encourage the emerging Thompson campaign to do a little homework on the Net neutrality issue so they are not blindsided and hoodwinked by this liberal issue masquerading in conservative "Internet freedom" rhetoric like fellow Republican candidate Mike Huckabee was a few weeks ago. 

Hopefully, some useful background on this key limited government and economic freedom issue, can help the Thompson candidacy from getting embarassed on this high-profile Internet issue like fellow Republican Candidate Governor Huckabee was in a conference call with bloggers.

  •  Governor Huckabee was unfamiliar with the issue and some bloggers took advantage of that unfamiliarity and misrepresented the issue to him.  He mistakenly reacted, I believe, after hearing only one side of the story, and a distorted side at that.

Senator Fred Thompson has a strong conservative voting record in the Senate and strongly believes in limited Government.

  • To the extent this issue is fairly represented to Senator Thompson and he hears both sides: from representing the free market view, and from's Big Government view, I have no question that an informed Senator Thompson  will not support new net neutrality regulation.