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Google Sr Advisor Al Gore is the ringleader of "Google's Poodles"

Self-described "Internet inventor" and former Vice President Al Gore has a newly released book "The Assault on Reason" in which he comes out of the shadows and into the limelight as a leading public proponent of net neutrality.  

The Save the Internet coalition blogged/bragged about the book in its post: Al Gore: Net Neutrality is the key to a better democracy."  They lifted some Gore quotes that gave them lots of "warm fuzzies" inside:

  • “neutrality should be the central tenet that will set us on a path toward an open, democratic Internet where free speech and free markets are encouraged.â€?
    • Wait a minute. The term "net neutrality" was only coined as late as 2002 by a socialist Columbia Law Professor!
    • But Gore claims to have invented the Internet before 1992!
    • Who's right? 
    • Moreover, Mr. Gore, factually the net has never been neutral.
  • “More than one and a half million citizens contacted Congress and more than eight hundred organizations joined the SavetheInternet Coalition, organized by the upstart media reform organization Free Press, using innovative online mobilization tactics …â€?
    • Thank you Mr. Gore from coming out from the shadows and coming clean by publicly endorsing the efforts of, and tacitly acknowledging your strong ringleader role in managing "Google's poodles",  SaveTheInternet and FreePress.
    • The still unanswered question is how many tens of millions of dollars has Mr. Gore made from his boatload of Google options/warrants granted to him as "Senior Advisor" to Google?"
    • And where are the disclosures in the book that most all of Mr. Gore's multi-ten million dollar net worth is in Google shares -- constituting a huge undisclosed conflict of interest on the issue of net neutrality.    
  • “I truly believe the most important factor is the preservation of the Internet’s potential for becoming the new neutral marketplace of ideas that is so needed for the revitalization of American democracy,â€? he writes. “People are not only fighting for free speech online, but they are also working to keep the Internet a decentralized, ownerless medium of mass communication and commerce.â€?

    • "Ownerless medium!!!"

    • The Internet is a network of PRIVATE-networks! Your Administration helped COMMERCIALIZE and PRIVATIZE the Internet in 1993-94.

    • At least Mr. Gore is honest that he views the Internet as a form of a public good and that it should be "ownerless."  

      • That puts him squarely in "digital socialist" wing of the Democratic Party that supports the radical "free culture"  movement that does not believe in digital copyrights or intellectual property and thinks the broadband companies should be nationalized like socialist Hugo Chavez has done in Venezuela.

I look forward to the "free and open Internet" investigating and digging deeper into Mr. Gore's:

  • corporate role at Google,
  • his personal financial stake in the net neutrality debate, and
  • his big behind-the-scenes fundraising for "Google's Poodles":, SavetheInternet, FreePress, Public Knowledge to name only a few of Mr. Gore's and Google's top show dogs.