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Welcome to the free market blogoshpere

Welcome to Portia Krebs a new blogger at for USTelecom!

I am delighted their will be another blogging voice in the debate promoting the continuation of a free market Internet that remains free of net regulation.

I encourage other people to blog and enter the debate who understand that "Internet freedom" means much more than so called "net neutrality" and free speech, but also means: free market, free enterprise, freedom to be different, freedom of ownership, freedom to choose, freedom of diversity, and freedom of opportunity -- essentially economic freedoms that naturally flow from America's political freedoms!

In addition to I also recommend people tune into these other blogs:

We can't have enough voices in the blogosphere defending America's economic freedoms which have made the Internet and the United States of America what it is today.

  • I look forward to the day when there a tones more voices for economic freedom in the blogosphere.