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Schwartz' brings adult supervision to Wu's sophomoric NN analysis

It is always a joy to read clear thinking rigorous analysis. I have known and respected Marius Schwartz's mind and work for several years, and I am delighted that he brought the heft of his intellect and  DOJ experience to the question of "wireless net neutrality" in his white paper:

For anyone who cares about the merits or substance of net neutrality as a proposed public policy, it would be hard to find a better debunking of Columbia Law Professor Tim Wu's sophomoric and vacuous work on wireless net neutrality than Marius'.

  • Marius proves that Mr. Wu doesn't:
    • understand analogies (because he tries to apply a monopoly regulation concept to a competitive industry);
    • know squat about the wireless market (Mr. Wu's understanding appears to be only a couple of mouse clicks deep); and
    • check his facts.

Thank you Marius for showing us the type of analytical rigor required to be taken seriously on a public policy matter like net neutrality that proposes to reverse wireless competition law from 1993 and telecom law and Internet policy from 1996.

  • With his Carterfone, wireless net neutrality proposal, Mr. Wu is proposing to change longstanding bipartisan US law, competition policy, and Internet policy -- without making the case why.
    • Go back to your drawing board Mr. Wu.
    • Come back when you have more than a slogan you've coined.