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Great study debunking Wu's Wireless net neutrality scam

I recommend a strong academic paper that debunks the sloppy thinking and analysis behind Columbia Professor Tim Wu's call for wireless net neutrality -- its by: Robert Hahn and Robert Litan of AEI/Brookings and Hal Singer of Criterion Economics.

  • It is an important rebuttal that concludes that the costs of wireless net neutrality would exceed any benefits.

What I like most about the study is that it is a systematic evisceration of the logic and evidence behind Mr. wu's call for wireless net neutrality.

  • The study rips away all the rhetoric and exposes Mr Wu's supposed analysis as a series of unsupported assertions and conclusions about how Mr Wu thinks the wireless world "should" operate in his datatopian and digital socialist view of the universe.

Kudos to authors' for excellent and analytically rigorous work on an important subject!