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Google has an "Open Net Coalition" Problem... already!

I always love to juxtapose a couple of stories to point out irony.

Yesterday, I blogged that Tech Daily reported that the Google gang, AKA ItsOurNet ... will be relaunched in May as the "Open" Net coalition.

Well today I laughed out loud when I read in Tech Daily, that Wikipedia cofounder Jimmy Wales is promoting a new collaborative search process like the wiki online encyclopedia.

  • Wales said: "I believe Internet search is currently broken and the way to fix it is to build a community whose mission is to develop a search platform that is open and totally transparent."   

Seems like those who really know "open" don't think Google is worthy of its self annointed name of the "Open" Net Coalition.

  • Its kind of like Michael Jackson naming himself the "King of Pop."

So its seems like some folks on the opposite end of my spectrum also think Google says one thing and does another.

  • Not only is Google not open -- its not even neutral!

It will be amusing to see how high a profile Google plays in the relaunch of its net neutrality advocacy or whether they will continue to act as behind the scenes puppeteer and bankroller... and let the other companies in the coalition serve the role of "human shields" to take the arrows meant for the online gang leader Google.