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Google as "Big Brother" and the "dark side" of accessible info

The New York Times article today on Google highlights another reason all Americans should be worried about Google's anti-competitive arbitrage of U.S. privacy laws and consumer expectations.

  • "Google has been working with officials in Arizona, California, Utah and Virginia to make some of that information more broadly available." 
    • That "information'  is the data on state websites; and is part of Google's mission "to make all the world's information accessible and useful." 
  • "But the increased exposure of government records through web searches is likely to raise privacy concerns."
  • "It will be easier to collect disparate facts about a person, which bound together and aggregated, can present troubling problems..." 

I just heard someone joke:

  • You can't spell Google without using GeOrGE OrweLl.

In true "1984" Orwellian "doublespeak" Google always has a pat answer how it is always  "good" to accumulate information on all things and people.

  • Unfortunately Google appears totally blind to the potential dark side of how all this "accessible" accumulated information in the wrong hands: criminals, con artists, predators, or unscrupulous players in government, or for the wrong purposes -- can "be evil" the complete opposite of Google's supposed motto: "Don't be evil."