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Google's watching you... they say its for your own gives me the creeps!

Google just announced a new so called "service" for you: "Web History."

You know what gives me the creeps about this?

  •  Google is trying to act like this computerized "intimacy theft," the systematic spying and mass archiving of the intimate private search lives of Americans for the benefit of the highest bidder -- is for the average American's benefit
    • Please don't insult our intelligence.
  • Reportedly 9 of 10 Google users think their search histories are private information.
    • Uh oh.
    • These unsuspecting and trusting Americans are being treated as suckers by Google.

How do we know Google does not sell or give access to this extremely intimate info to the government or the highest bidder?

  • Just like 9 of 10 Americans don't know their intimate privacy is being stolen, I'll posit that 9 of 10 Google users will never avail themselves of this so called "service."

You know what gives me the most creeps about Google's Web History service?

  • How do we know Google has sufficient safeguards to keep this extremely intimate information out of the hands of stalkers or child predators?
  • In the wrong hands, these intimate search histories are a frightening roadmap for really bad people to know how to trick unsuspecting people or children.
  • Why does Google think its a good idea to create and archive such information that could put so many people at very serious risk?
  • What would they do if the accidental release of this information led to Americans being harmed that never would have been vulnerable if Google hadn't made them vulnerable by creating the first digital intimate profile on the average American?  

And one other question for the "don't be evil" Googlers. 

  • By implying that users can modify or delete their records, does that actually delete it from Google's servers, or does Google keep it around for how long and for what purpose?
  • Moreover, is Google trying to imply that by being able change the web history they have an accountable auditable process?
    • Will Google have a process like credit agencies where you can correct erroneous information?
    • And who is Google accountable to to ensure that they do what they say they will do?

 Doesn't Google's cavalier approach to privacy give you the creeps?