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Top 10 questions for reporters/analysts to ask Google on its earnings call

Given my recent 10-page white paper which analyzes the antitrust and competitive implications of the Google-DoubleClick merger, I thought it would be helpful public service to pose some questions that reporters/analysts consider asking Google's CEO Mr. Schmidt on Google's earnings call.

  1. Does Google have a 50% "antitrust dominant" share of the search market?
  2. Is search the new Internet browser?
  3. Is search the largest Internet access gatekeeper?
  4. Is Google the new Microsoft of the Internet?
  5. Would the DoubleClick acquisition foreclose competition in the Internet advertising market?  
  6. Is click fraud as rampant as Click Forensics indicates: 14.2% of all searches?
  7. Why are so many groups suing Google for theft of intellectual property: trademark owners; newspapers, publishers, authors, movie studios, programmers to name a few?
  8. Why doesn't Google abide by industry-recognized best practices for protecting privacy of consumer information? 
  9. How much private information would a Google-DoublClick have on American consumers? 
  10. Does click fraud/IP lawsuits imply that Google has weak Sarbanes-Oxley internal controls to protect shareholders?