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Podcast of my first NN debate with Craig Newmark of Craig's List fame

After almost a year of opposing quotes in articles on net neutrality, the NAM weekly radio show/podcast on business, finally afforded me the opportunity to debate Craig Newmark, the famous founder of Craig's List, one-on-one live.While

  • While I was looking forward to hearing his best arguments for net neutrality, it became clear from the outset that he did not want to debate the issue, but wanted to try and discredit me and my personal views from as far back as 1999.
    • It turned out to be a decent strategy for him because his knowledge of the issue was surprisingly thin and he obviously did not want to engage on the merits or facts of the issue

I said I was happy to discuss my current and past views with him because it was a tacit concession by him that the net neutrality side of the debate cannot win this debate on the merits and that their best chance is attacks on me as a leading spokesperson for the broadband sector on why the Internet should not be regulated.

Below is the summary intro from the National Association of Manufacturers:

MIKE HAMBRICK (202) 637-3093; HANK COX (202) 637-3090  NAM Program Features First Joint Appearance of Craig Newmark and Scott Cleland WASHINGTON, D.C., April 13, 2007 - "America's Business with Mike Hambrick," the National Association of Manufacturers' weekly radio program, this week highlights the "net neutrality" debate with the first-ever joint appearance by two leading advocates on the issue.
In a "Both Sides Now" segment, program host Hambrick moderates a debate between Craig Newmark, founder of the online classified ads service Craigslist, and Scott Cleland, chairman of, an e-forum sponsored by broadband communications companies. The two are frequent, high-profile speakers on the topic of the government's role in shaping the future of the Internet.  
Newmark supports Congressional action to enact "net neutrality,"
ensuring one-price access to broadband services. Cleland, who is also president of Precursor, a research and consulting firm, contends that increased government control over the Internet will discourage innovation and expanded broadband services.  
"The net neutrality issue is one that will shape the ability of U.S.
business to compete in a global economy, where America lags in broadband penetration," the NAM's Hambrick said. "We're pleased to give a full airing to the issue with this first-ever, one-on-one debate between the top advocates - and opponents - on the issue."
A soundfile of the first of two segments with Newmark and Cleland is available online at:
"America's Business" is a one-hour radio program carried on 70 stations nationwide via the "Radio America" network, examining manufacturing and business issues. The program airs in the Washington, D.C., area at 11 a.m. Saturdays on WTNT, 570 AM.
The April 14 broadcast also features segments with Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform; John Fees, president of the Babcock & Wilcox companies, discussing clean-coal technology and nuclear power; Scott Peterson, vice president of the Nuclear Energy Institute; and Renee Giachino of The American Justice Partnership.

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