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Comcast exec spotlights Google's hypocrisy on net neutrality

MultiChannel News has a great write up of a tough speech on net neutrality by David Cohen, Executive Vice President of Comcast.

  • “When you cut through the rhetoric, what they [Google, Yahoo] want from the federal government is new regulations that would guarantee them below cost-access to the broadband networks that carry most of the Internet content in this country,â€? Cohen said in a speech to the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia.

Kudos to Mr. Cohen for taking the gloves off and saying what needs to be said.

  • Google, Yahoo, eBay and Amazon are wolf in sheeps clothing on net neutrality.
    • They sanctimoniously claim this is all about what's best for consumers and garage based entrepreneurs -- give me a break!
    • This is special interest legislation that would give companies with 80-90% gross margins guaranteed below-cost use of the Internet.
      • These companies use the Internet the most, and pay the least for it.
      • Amazon's Paul Misener had the gall to say in congressional testimony, "let the consumer pay."
    • Consumer groups, apparently are blinded by their obsession with price regulating the broadband companies because they do not believe in competition and free markets, which make them less relevant.
    • Ironically consumer groups have the same special interest as the online giants.
      • Both groups are above-average users of the Internet and they want everyone else, who are below-average users of the Internet ,to subsidize their above-average usage.
      • Net neutrality is about money -- the online giants and the consumer groups want others to pay their bill.
      • Bottomline: They both want to freeload off the American people under the guise of "Internet freedom."