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The Bogus "Human Face of Net Neutrality" -- as top-down puppeteer

The Politico ran a story April 9th called the "The Human Face of Net Neutrality" that grossly exagerates the "net roots" involvement on net neutrality. 

The article implies that there is somehow a difference between the " net roots" and traditional broadband lobbying.

  • Give me a break.
  •'s Free Press/SaveTheInternet is a very sophisticated Washington lobbying operation whose schtick is simulating "grass roots."
  • Lets be real.
  • is basically a 3 million person email list, where's Washington puppeteers pull the strings from the "top down" to "simulate" a "bottoms up" groundswell political movement on net neturality.   
  • I don't buy it.

All this Politico article reports is that was able to "top down" organize dozens of meetings during recess with dozens of members on net neutrality.

  • Big deal. Happens all the time on dozens of issues.
  • If the Politico thinks this is "news" by reporting this as one of its three big "stories" that day -- it shows how lame this "net roots" charade has gotten.
  • The article implies that meeting members in their home districts during recess has never been thought of or done before!
    • The article actually makes a big deal that a congressman took 25 minutes on an issue and not just the scheduled 15 minutes! Wow that Congressman must be really fired up on the issue if they got an extra 10 minutes!
  • Hello Politico? This is life in the day of an everyday Congressman.
    • This is a classic " Dog Bites Man" news story.

If this was really a spontaneous "net roots" issue that truly resonated with the "grass roots" or the people -- how come there is virtually no evidence of grass roots interest or action on Net neutrality that does not have the fingerprints of the organizing machine?

Real grass roots is when people care about an issue on their own and spontaneously act in their own way with their own flavor of involvement.

  • Real grass roots happens in response to REAL problems, not bogus manufactured fear-mongering like net neutrality.
  • This is's pet rock with bogus "net roots" branding.

Bottom line: Nothing bad has happened at the grass roots to harm "humans" for the last four years and two months --since the net neutrality term was first coined.

  • Net neutrality is the real story of the fabled "boy who cried wolf."
  • There's no consumer harm going on, just a lot of bogus fear-mongering and slick PR from that some reporters seem to think is news.