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Save the taxpayer from the save our spectrum coalition

A group of liberal activists today announced yet another Save... Coalition -- this time a new "Save our Spectrum coalition" that seeks to impose net neutrality on winners of the FCC's upcoming 700 MHz auction.

  • What we really need is a "save the taxpayer" coaltion to protect Americans from bogus social engineering and corporate welfare ideas like net neutrality.

Ironically, these liberal activists want to totally ignore the law, a spectrum auction law that was passed in 1993 by an all Democratic Government!

These liberal activists are also not being upfront with their real agenda.

  • They claim to be looking out for the consumer ,but their proposals would fleece the taxpayer of the value they deserve under the law that mandates that spectrum go to the highest bidder.
  • They claim to want "more wireless broadband competition" but they propose rules that would ban the bidders that would most aggressively compete for and with the spectrum, and they propose rules that would eviscerate the profitability and flexibility of the spectrum in the market place.
    • These rules would poison marketplace competition.

Bottomline: This proposal would fleece the taxpayer of the revenues the 700 MHz auction could raise, and it would provide huge corporate welfare  benefits to cheap tech and online companies who are always looking for a "free lunch" to be paid for by the taxpayer.

  • This latest proposal is an outrageous scam that should be roundly rejected by the FCC.