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700 MHz auction: Latest la la land attempt to impose net neutrality

SaveTheInternet's Free Press arm and other liberal advocacy groups are going to ask the FCC to impose net neutrality on the winners of the upcoming 700 MHz wireless auction, according to Tech Daily on 3-30-07.

  • While I guess I have to give these groups credit for their persistence, they are basically spitting into the wind on this one.

Less than two weeks ago, the FCC unanimously voted to classify wireless broadband as an unregulated information service which pratically means that net neutrality does not apply to wireless broadband.

  • So essentially these groups are saying to the FCC, ignore what the FCC just did on wireless broadband, ignore regulatory parity, ignore technological neutrality,  ignore Supreme Court precedent, ignore the law of the land which promotes competition, and ignore the Congress' policy on not regulating the Internet.

What this upcoming request really says is that these groups do not believe in competition policy.

  • In 1993, Congress created more competition in wireless by auctioning more spectrum and did not require net neutrality.
  • In fostering WiFi and WiMax, the FCC has never imposed net neutrlality.
  • In the FCC's AWS auction of wireless broadband spectrum last year, the FCC did not impose net neutrality.

What this means is that now that there is more competition in wireless than there ever has been, and the U.S. has more facilities-based competition than any country in the world, we should now start imposing regulation. Huh?

  • Does anyone else realize how absolutely absurd this reported upcoming request is?
  • What kind of upside down world do these folks live in?