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Rock the Net: a bad "lip synching" performance of's song

The Future of Music has created a supposed new "coalition" "Rock the Net" to promote net neutrality by banding together music groups who have been suckered into fearing that the Internet will somehow be taken away from them -- without net neutrality legislation.

This is not about policy or legislation.  

This is a cheap publicity stunt.

"Rock the net" is basically a bad "lip synching performance" by music groups singing liberal's pre-canned song.

  • No musician at their Rock the Net press conference showed any understanding whatsoever of the net neutrality issue or how musicians might be threatened without NN legislation. 
  • They just "lip synched"'s lyrics. 

"Lip synching" is the perfect metaphor for the supposed net neutrality grass roots "movement" overall.

  • There is no spontaneous grass roots clamor for net neutrality!
  • Its all a bunch of "lip synchers" for and FreePress.

Look more closely at the supposed million plus people that supposedly signed the "petition" in favor of net neutrality?

  • What did the petition they signed actually say?
    • "Congress must preserve a free and open Internet. Please vote for enforceable network neutrality and keep tollbooths, gatekeepers, and discrimination off my Internet."

    • That's not a movement!

    • That's a million "lip synchers" singing an unimaginative two line chorus over and over again.'s SaveTheInternet also claims hundreds of organizations who support net neutrality.

  • They are also a bunch of "lip synchers."
  • They all have produced next to no original work, letters, or input separate from the canned lyrics of the day.

Bottom line: Watch closely to the supposed "net roots" movement on net neutrality -- they aren't singing their own original material, they are just "lip synching" for

  • Their "net roots" movement is as bogus as their net neutrality policy position.