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More disarray in the ItsOurnet coalition?

I read with interest and amusement Drew Clark's piece on GigaOM about "Is Google changing its position on Net neutrality?".

  • My key point is what is Google's official position on Dorgan-Snowe, the highest profile Net neutrality bill which is co-sponsored by Democratic Presidential Candidates: Senators Clinton and Obama?
    • That is what matters. The rest is just backchatter, interesting though it is.

Drew Clark's piece in GigaOM is one of the better reports I've seen outlining the increasing disarray of the ItsOurNet coalition, the front group for online giants promoting net neutrality legislation.

  • As I have blogged before, the ItsOurNet site has been pulled down now for over two and a half months. hmmm...
  • I guess their explanation that the site just needed refreshing and updating was spin...

I am just surprised more people in the press have not picked up on this story.

  • Seems like their is some interesting drama going on behind the scenes of the online giants relationships that readers would like to know more about.