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Restrict freedom to protect it?

I continue to be amazed with how many people have fallen for the manipulative NN sloganeering of "Internet Freedom" and just aren't thinking.  

I fully grasp the surface branding appeal of "Internet freedom" because everyone has it now and cherishes it.

What I just don't get is the nonsensical logic behind the pro net neutrality case that we somehow get more freedom by restricting freedom.

  • Doesn't freedom beget freedom? 
  • Doesn't limiting freedom beget less freedom?

Where freedom comes from in our country is our constitution, which ensures the ultimate power is with the people and which also tremendously limits the power of Government in a very wide variety of ways. Our Founding Fathers were truly brilliant.

  • The separation of powers and checks and balances limit tyranny which comes from government not people or persons.
  • The Bill of Rights ensure that government can not take away our individual freedoms.
  • The Founding Fathers' genius was that government was the risk to people's freedom, NOT people or companies.

The net neutrality crowd, in adopting the term Internet freedom as buzzword blackmail, has perverted and denigrated the American concept of freedom in a frighteningly Orwellian way.

At its core net neutrality strategy employs the basest of mob psychologies. They know that if they can scare people, make them feel threatened, they will lash out at the newly targeted "enemies" of freedom.

  • It doesn't matter that there is no truth to the charges, no proof to back up the charges, no effort to even supply proof, just ever increasing shouts and epithets to scare people and not have them think clearly or logically.
  • It doesn't matter if they are abusing the constitutional principle of fairness and due process that people and companies are innocent until proven guilty.
    • We do not take away freedoms for potential problems.
    • We require proof.
  • Our constitution fortunately creates a big and long process gauntlet to protect people from laws that limit freedom.  

Thank goodness, our constitution, laws and people are designed to protect true freedom, not the bastardized version of the term that net neutrality proponents have stooped to.

  • They can try and deceive all they want, but the truth will be clear as more people learn and understand all that net neutrality is -- it is restricting liberty of some for the political and personal gain of others. Shame.