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NN is A radical form of Non-discrimination -- Hal Singer's clear thinking speech

Hal Singer of Criterion Economics has some very cogent arguements against NN in his speech at the University of Pittsburgh last week.

Hal cuts to the quick in explaining "Under a net neutrality regime, if a broadband service provider offers prioritized delivery to one content provider, then it must offer the same level of service to all content providers free of charge."

  • Hal is right. Net neutrality would discourage anyone from improving or innovating or trying to meet the unique needs of different sets of users.
    • Why innovate or try to make broadband better for your users or a subset of your users with a specific problem, if you can't make any money on it?
    • But its worse than that. Not only would a provider have to provide the innovative service for free, they would have to eat the cost of upgrading the network for everyone else to use the innovation. 
  • There's nothing neutral about that.