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WSJ lead editorial highlights the success of broadband competition/deregulation

The Wall Street Journal's lead editorial today: "Broadband Breakout" once again proves that they have a very knowlegable and sophisitcated understanding of the successes of broadband competition, deregulation, and competition and of the risks of "net neutrality" or Internet regulation 

The Journal also picked up the point I made here in a previous blog that you have to look at the trajectory of competition, is it increasing?

  • They picked up the extremely important point I made here that according to the FCC's most recent data:
    • "that of the 11 million broadband additions in the first half of last year, 15% were cable modems, 23% were DSL and 58% were of the wireless variety."

Broadband competition is vibrant and increasing and consumers and the nation are benefiting greatly from it.