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More corporate welfare for Google? Holding up the State of North Carolina?

It seems asking the U.S. Congress for a huge corporate welfare gift in net neutrality legislation is not enough to satisfy Google's insatiable appetite for special interest gifts from the government.

  • According to the Charlotte Observer, as picked up by Google Blog, Google, one of the most profitable and fast-growing companies in U.S. history, won't bless the state of North Carolina with their presence unless the State would give Google "secret" tax breaks to the tune of $89 million.

Seems like this is a real pattern for Google. 

  • Apparently, Google's infamous double negative motto, "do no evil" sees no problem in first coercing special interest tax earmarks from public officials and second, trying to hide their arm-twisting and pocket-picking from the public.
  • Once again, Google lives up to their real operating mottos:
    • "What's yours is ours." or
    • "Do what I say not what I do."