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What's happened to ItsOurNet's Website? Its been offline for about 5 days...

I often visit to see if they have anything new. I also look to see if Microsoft has rejoined ItsOurNet like they said they would after the close of the AT&T merger. Well the AT&T merger closed a month ago and still no word from Microsoft.)

What is new and interesting is that the official web site has been down since at least last Thursday and maybe longer -- meaning you can't even get to their previously public website -- without a user name and a password. It ominously says "authorization required." 

What's going on at  ItsOurNet?

  • At first I decided not to blog on it because I surmised that they were probably just taking it down for maintenance.
  • Now that it has been down at least four days and maybe longer, my curiousity has been piqued because if they needed to work on the site they wouldn't have to take down the old one for so long.
    • These companies are sufficiently tech savy to be able to keep their old site operational while they work on it or replace it.
      • They do claim to own the Internet don't they?
  • However, after four of five days of being offline, I suspect something significant is going on because these are prime days at the beginning of the legislative session to have no official website or voice presented to the public, regulators or lawmakers. 
    • I dismiss incompetence out of hand because Google, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, IAC/ and formerly Microsoft are all highly competetent with website updates or repairs.
  • It seems to me that there is no good reason to go offline like they are unless they are changing their message, policy, or site in a pretty significant way and some companies in the coalition did not want to have the previous message and policy position out there anymore because it was out of date.
    • Could they possibly be taking my advice and changing the name of because it is so presumptuous to claim the Internet is their personal property, and not owned by the Internet users or any of the thousands of companies that actually make the Internet work in routing ones and zeroes all over the planet?
    • Or could they be coming clean and telling everyone how much of the Internet's capacity is used up by their traffic and how much they pay to carry that traffic?
      • That would be very forthright of them, and then once and for all they could disprove that net neutrality was just a corporate welfare scheme to get the average user that doesn't use much bandwidth to subsidize the heaviest band width users like ItsOurNet members.

What I want to know is why no reporters seem to be asking these companies what is going on with the ItsOurNet website?

  • This is a big issue and ItsOurNet has a big finanical interest in its outcome.
  • If nothing is going on -- let the public know.
  • If something new is going on, tell the public what it is or at least when they will learn more about the change.
    • It only seems fair that companies who are asking the American public for billions of dollars in subsidies to not hide their face in public during such an important free and open debate.