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NN advocate candid that AT&T was extorted on NN in my debate at Media Institute

I debated Gigi Sohn of Public Knowledge again today at a Media Institute luncheon and was really surprised at her candor in saying that the net neutrality conditions imposed on AT&T were "extortion" that she was happy to be a part of it.

While I have debated Gigi several times and respect her highly as a very capable advocate for her positions, I was troubled that she was so open that the net neutrality conditions imposed on AT&T were "extortion."

The exchange confirms to me the serious erosion in the integrity of our government's official processes. Happily supporting "extortion" in public discourse embodies a win-at-all-costs attitude that only ends badly. 

  • Maybe I am an old-fashioned constitutionalist, but I think the democratic process works best when it follows the law and the official process.
    • Our system and ability to resolve issues peacefully and fairly depends on people respecting and abiding by the law and the democratic process.

"Extortion" should have no place in a free and open democratic society.

  • We are in serious trouble, if we don't push back when people publicly imply that "the ends justify the means."