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Dont miss the compelling Wash Post Op Ed opposing NN

Kudos to Dave Farber and Michael Katz on their very persuasive and compelling Op Ed in the Washington Post opposing net neutrality. I strongly endorse their perspective and wisdom.

I feel great kinship with their point of view. There is no problem here. And there is a lot of harm and unintended consequences that can result from preemptively regulating the Internet.

Like David and Mike, I am well aware of the potential problems that market power could have. I have a long and public record of standing up to monopoly behavior that I viewed as out of bounds. But I am also a fact and analysis person. The facts and the analysis show this is a competitive marketplace becoming even more competitive in the future.  

The reason I sought out to work for the Broadband companies, (they did not recruit me) in opposing net neutrality is that I was convinced from my fifteen years as one of the Nations leading independent analysts of the telecom and tech sectors, that technology and market trends were thrusting this sector in the direction of dramatically increasing competition.

I founded, because competition is here to stay on the Internet and in broadband, and we need to be vigilant in opposing any regulatory creep which could screw up the current successful policy trajectory.