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The other "father of the Internet" opposes NN

Robert Kahn, known as the co-father of the Internet along with Google's Vint Cerf, opposes net neutrality becuase it would inhibit necessary experimentation and innovation. Kudos to a great article in the Register on this.

The fact that Network engineers like Robert Kahn and Dave Farber oppose net neutrality make it clear that net neutrality is not this simple benign policy. It is very dangerous preemptive legislation that presumes to perfectly know the future to allow them to lock in for perpetuity one interation of the Internet.

At its core net neutrality is a war between Internet factions. the edge faction wants a dumb pipe and the network faction wants smart networks. Why does anyone think the government can do a good job picking which technologies should prevail in legislation? The Government's track record in picking technologies is abysmal. The Internet marketplace of today allows consumers to choose which technologies prevail.  That's the way it should remain.