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Hypocrisy Watch: Google's search share rising to 47%,Yahoo's to 28% duopolists?

It is the height of hypocrisy that non-neutral Google/Yahoo, with 77% share of the search market and rising, continues to assert that the neutrally-operating phone and cable companies are duopolists that endanger the free and open web.  Google and Yahoo are increasingly dominant search gatekeepers for the Internet. ComScore's latest figures show Google with 47.3%, Yahoo with 28.5%, market share and rising -- and #3 Microsoft 10.5%, and #4 IAC Ask at 5.4% and falling.

Why this is so hypocritical is that:

  • Google is not neutral.
  • Yahoo is not neutral.
  • Microsoft is not neutral.
  • IAC/ is not neutral.

On their ItsOurNet site (which Microsoft used to also fund), these companies claim the "Phone and cable companies are trying to take control of the Internet away from the public...they want to control what you see and when you see it."

  • What is so hyposcritical and ironic is that these companies' entire business models are bent on NOT being "neutral."
    • It is their business to steer search results (content) to the highest bidder and to favor (discriminate) their owned content over others -- the supposed essence of net neutrality.
  • Search is the ultimate Internet access technology.

Why aren't consumer groups and the media asking why the non-neutral, and increasingly dominant search gatekeepers won't pledge to abide by the same legislation that they insist be imposed on neutrally-operating broadband companies?