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SEC Chairman encouraging Companies to blog!

Today is a big day in the history of blogging because the SEC Chairman Cox has gone on record effectivley encouraging companies to blog -- see the original AP story that highlights the SEC's Chairman's comment on Sun Microsystem's blog.

Corporations to date have been reluctant to embrace blogging technology in part I believe out of the fear of the unknown. One of those unknowns was clearly what the SEC and markets would think.

  • It is extremely significant that SEC Chairman Cox believes blogging could be a good way for companies to communicate with, and make disclosures to, investors efficiently and directly.
  • I believe this will encourage corporations to add their voices to the blogosphere which is a good thing. The more the merrier.
  • Blogging may be the single most under-utilized technology by corporations today.

The CEO of Sun Microsystems started the ball rolling with this post/letter to SEC Chairman Cox of why shouldn't blogging be considered a "fair disclosure" media?

  • Kudos to Jonathan Scwhartz for putting the spotlight on another obvious benefit of a "free and open" Internet.