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Brilliant post by Nick Carr on Lessig's "digital communalism" -- sounds like a Socialized Internet


Please read Nick Carr's brilliant post on Lessig's "Web 2.0lier than thou". It gets to the heart of what Stanford Professor Lawrence Lessig, one of the leading net neutrality functionaries, is really all about: "digital communalism." I couldn't agree more with Nick on this point! I have long called net neutrality a "Socialized Interent" so I think the term digital communalism is right on point. Lessig clearly trusts the state more than he trusts people.

Here's a great snippet from Nick's post that capture's the problem with Lessig's worldview:

  • "But Lessig isn't really interested in describing the world as it is. His eyes are on a further goal. He wants to redefine "Web 2.0" in order to promote a particular ideology, the ideology of digital communalism in which private property becomes common property and the individual interest is subsumed into the public interest - in which we become the web and the web becomes us."

Make no mistake, the net neutrality debate with folks like Lessig is a clever "trojan horse" for socialist thinking that puts the state's view above individual liberty and property rights. As I have said in previous posts, many in the net neutrality debate use doublespeak and call it Internet freedom, when what they really mean is the state should force everyone to be the same in the name of "equality" and fairness.

As I said in my recent Financial Times letter to the editor on Lessig's net neutrality manifesto: its really about favoring socialism over american capitalism.