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NYT article cites allegation of Google discriminating against small websites/competitors

For those who truly believe in the principle of net neutrality, you may be troubled to read the New York Times article "We're Google. So sue us." The article provides an allegation of Google effectively blocking a small competitive search-engine/website. (Searchopolist Google's share of the sarch market is 50+% and rising steadily at the expense of faltering #2 Yahoo and fading fast #3 Microsoft.)

It will be interesting to hear what SavetheInterent, Common Cause, ItsOurNet, and the many other organizations that purport to support net neutrality on principle have to say about this. Let's see if net neutrality is truly a "principle" or just a political and competitive double standard as it unfortunately appears to be.

Quotes from the NYT article:

  • "Last spring, KinderStart, a small search engine in Southern California that focuses on information for parents of young children, sued Google after it noticed that its site had been removed from Google's search results -- leading to a loss of traffic and revenue for the company." ...
  • "But Google should not dictate what we should and should not see and find on the web. They can knock off these small web sites and there's nothing the small websites can do."

This sound like behavior unbecoming to a champion of net neutrality and a company purportedly standing up for the little guys and entrepreneurs against big companies. Â So.