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Welcome to PoliBlog -- Verizon's new policy blog

I am pleased to welcome Verizon's new PoliBlog to the blogosphere, they will add another sound and reasoned voice to the debate for free markets and regulatory humility. Verizon is a eforum member and funder

Like Cisco's great policy blog, I believe Verizon, as the first major communications company to launch a policy blog, will be a helpful and constructive entrant. Tom Tauke is one of the most respected statesmen in the industry and it will be good for him to be more engaged in the blogosphere. His able team also brings a wealth of expertise and opinions.

I look forward to the day when all of's members are blogging individually to promote free markets, competition and de-regulation.
 The blogosphere is currently too heavily skewed towards the Government knows best world view. Moreover, companies represent over a million employees and compete for the business of virtually every American every day. They bring expertise and a stakeholder's perspective that often is sorely lacking in the generally superficial debate over net neutrality.

Net neutrality, more than most any topic is highly relevant to bloggers. My view is the more bloggers on this topic and related ones, the merrier. Blogging is an awesome communications medium, it is a good day when one of the world's largest communications companies comes aboard!