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FCC Chairman Martin on the robustness of Wireless Competition

I wanted to highlight FCC Chairman Martin's statement on the FCC's recent report on the competitiveness of the wireless market

The Chairman's summary paragraph is powerful evidence of why the push for net neutrality to be applied to wireless service is so misguided and oblivious to the facts of the marketplace:

"Competition among mobile carriers has lowered the price consumers pay pay for mobile telephone service, stimulating rapid subscriber growth and greater usage of mobile phones. Competition has also encouragd mobile telephone carriers to improve service quality and to begin deploying significantly faster broadband technologies on their networks. The results demonstrate how a competitive marketplace -- rather than economic regulation -- provides the greatest benefits to the American consumer." 

What's not to like with what is going on here?

Why all the doom and gloom from net neutrality supporters that without applying new net neutrality regulation to this market things will be bad for consumers?

Has it ever occurred to them that there are a whole lot of good things occurring in this vibrantly competitive market that would be at risk with new regulation?

Hello? Is anyone on that side of the issue thinking this through...?