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Free Press in La La land on Broadband prices

Free Press' latest falsehood to promote Net neutrality is a new "report" that broadband prices are increasing. Balderdash!

Real broadband prices have fallen over 50% in the last few years. Very simply, DSL speeds provided have doubled and cable modem speeds have gone from 1.5 Mbs to 5+Mbs over the last few years.

Broadband is speed and people are getting twice as much speed for the price than they did just a few years ago. 

Let's make this concept even simpler so even Free Press can get it. If someone can buy two gallons of milk for the price one gallon just a few years ago -- the real price of milk has gone down and consumers are better off. 

Competition is working and producing real value gains for consumers. Is competition perfect in every place? of course not. This market used to be a monopoly dial-up service but competition policy has succeeded greatly over time in giving consumers increasing choice, falling prices, and more innovation. 

Where is the harm here?