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Speaking at VON 2006 Today on Why Net Neutrality is a Bogus Issue

I am going to be debating Net Neutrality again at a panel at VON 2006 in Boston this morning at 11am EST. I wanted to make my full presentation available to help ensure that my views are not mischaracterized or taken out of context.
I intend to strongly challenge the underlying validity of the Net Neutrality issue because the more I delve deeply into the substance of this issue the more I question whether "there is a there there."
The more I have learned, the more I have become convinced that this is a bogus issue. I use the word bogus on purpose because it best captures what is going on here. This is a fake and artificial issue that has been manufactured by special interests and who are cynically manipulating people with half truths and fear-mongering for ulterior motives. A cynical few are manipulating the many with hidden agendas.

I have made clear in every forum, is funded by broadband companies. My agenda is crystal clear. Broadband companies and I strongly believe a market forces Internet is better for American consumers and the American economy than regulating the Internet for the first time with Net Neutrality to preempt a hypothetical problem.
My PowerPoint presentation makes a very powerful case: "Why Net Neutrality is a Bogus Issue."

In a nutshell, I argue there is no real problem or consumer harm here, only hypothetical and unsubstantiated allegations.

I also debunk all of the core assertions underlying the Net Neutrality concept as untrue. For example: The Net is not neutral today. There is no market failure. Net neutrality is not status quo. And Net neutrality is not gaining momentum.

Finally, I pull back the curtain to expose the real special interests that are pulling the strings of this bogus issue behind the scenes.

The neutr-elitists continue to claim there is a problem and that their solution is imperative or the Internet will be ruined and people won't be able to use it anymore. Well stop whining, fear mongering and misrepresenting and prove it! If the facts and arguments are on the side of Net Neutrality then make them. Make your case! I have been debating this issue on the frontlines with dozens of top Net Neutrality proponents and I continue to be amazed at how thin the gruel is that they slop out as justification for their position.