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Is Google's "neutral" definition: talking out of both sides of one's mouth?

Did anyone else connect-the-dots of hypocrisy in Google’s new toolbar deal with Dell? Up front let me say, I firmly believe there is nothing wrong with Google paying Dell to have Google’s web browser search toolbar installed as the default search tool in the 20 million PCs that Dell ships each year. That’s competition and a free market at work. However, I also think it is the height of hypocrisy for Google, the Nation’s primary Internet search gatekeeper, to say that it’s perfectly ok for them to vertically integrate and engage preferential content deals, but that the same type of business practices by their potential competitors, competitive broadband providers, should be made illegal? Given that so much of the Google brand depends on user trust that Google is principled and will “do no evil? in skewing search results as the Nation’s primary Internet search gatekeeper, I am surprised they would adopt such a self-serving and highly-public double-standard with regard to the net neutrality “principle.? Does Google want to develop a reputation for saying one thing but doing another? A free and open Internet is important for them, but not for new potential competitors. What principle is that?