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Qwest CEO Notebaert's clarity of thought on NN

I just read the text of Qwest CEO Dick Notebaert's remarks on NN at the Progress and Freedom Foundation last month. He is one of the most clear thinking leaders I know and I thought some of his insights were important to highlight here.

He started with first things first, how important the Internet is to America's economy: "we have created an economic engine that is vibrant, full of energy, and poised for the future. How some folks can...want the Internet to be saddled with regulatory micromanagment just boggles my mind."

Notebaert also echoed the indignant refrain of other communications CEOs, that the alleged potential blocking that NN fears.  "the preposterous charge that companies like Qwest would block or degrade certain customers' service, something we'ver never done. Something we don't do. Something we would be loathe to ever do." 

Notebaert also hammered home that no problem exists. "First of all no infractions or abuses exist. Let me say that again: noinfractions or abuses exist. Even the most strident advocates of preemptive regulation cannot dispute the fact that all this hue and cry is over anticipation of what some company might do at some point in some way. Futrthermore, evidence abounds that both the competitive market and existing regulatory remedies are doing their jobs-- and would certainly apply if any such wrong doing were to occur in the future."