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Cable mumbo jumbo ad got under Daily Kos' skin

Gotta love Daily Kos' indignance that Cable is running a very effective anti-net neutrality ad on their beloved Comedy Central show (that by the way has shilled for the NN cause and mercilessly spoofed Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Ted Stevens.) 

How dare cable invade their hallowed neutral ground and horrors speak ill of their beloved net neutrality! It is blasphemy! There should be no cable industry free speech -- only politically-correct speech that agree with approved neutral-dogma! 

The naivete of the neutr-elitists continues to astound me. 

Are the neutr-elitists so naive that they think they can get away with repeated fear-mongering, misrepresentation, and not presenting any facts or evidence of a problem -- and then not be called on it for babbling mumbo jumbo?  

Are the neutr-elitists so naive to think that broadband companies like cable are just going to sit back and not strenously fight a totally unjustified effort to regulate their bandwidth which would  effectively destroy their ability to provide new choices and innovations for consumers, and also effectively destroy their business and ability to create value long term?