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Neutr-elitist hubris

What bothers me most about net neutrality is the off-the-charts hubris of the neutr-elites that they are so sure they know better than anyone else what is best for the future of the Internet. 

The neutr-elites think they know better than the collective wisdom of consumers in the marketplace, which make millions of individual decisions every day about what they want and what they don't.  

The uninformed, knee-jerk neutr-elites know better than market forces, which provides consumers a constantly responding and evolving array of choices, rewards and risks to choose from.

They know what technologies should succeed and which shoud fail.

They appear to know that all regulators in the future will always be superior to market forces.

They appear to know which 'do no evil" companies should be favored by government and which "bad" companies should be punished or put out of business.

The neutr-elites think they know better than the Congress which nearly unanimously passed the Telecom Act ending monopoly and encouraging competition.  

The neutr-elites think they know better than the expert agencies, the FCC, the DOJ and the Supreme Court in ruling the broadband market competitive.
The neutr-elites appear to think they are all knowing, they can see the future and know without any doubt that net neutrality should be permanent because competition and technology innovation can never create enough last mile broadband competition.

The scary thing is that these neutr-elites have so much hubris they can't even see it as hubris.