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NN's selective quoting

I continue to be amazed that the neutrality-ites are unwilling to quote AT&T Chairman Whitacre's CURRENT statements on NN. But that would require them to be forthright and that would undermine their cause...

At NARUC, the state regulators conference, Whitacre said according to Communications Daily today, that: "We're not going to block anybody, but we want to offer the right to offer something better. Some companies want us to be a big dumb pipe that keeps getting bigger and bigger for free."

Neutrality-ites love to quote only a 2005 Business Week article to get people riled up, but they conveniently and selectively ignore all the official remarks the AT&T Chairman has made about NN since, which have made crystal clear AT&T has no desire to block or degrade anyone, but that it certainly wants to invest in a better faster Internet and get compensated for that value added service.

At the core of most neutrality-ites is a deep anti-business bias and a huge naivete. It was business and market forces that helped take the Internet from a backwater academic/government network to the phenomenon it is today. Neutrality-ites naively assume all the benefits of a marketplace for free and then want to attack things it doesn't like about markets.