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Fully disclose Google's bandwidth bill and usage! and techdirt are asking's to pay for Google's bandwidth bill because they allege the op-ed is fact challenged. They just might be on the right track for once. The seem to be proposing that people disclose what they pay for bandwidth.  What is Google's actual bandwidth bill and bandwidth usage? Below is the comment I posted in response to's cheap shot at McCurry for standing up to "Internet bullies" in his latest op-ed.  I disclose the costs of my bandwidth and challenge the online giants to do so as well.

This is a comment to's blog:

If you are truly interested in full disclosure, why don't you ask Google, eBay, Yahoo, Amazon, and Microsoft to tell everyone what their actual operating cost of bandwidth is on a monthly or yearly basis?

At Precursor and, my bandwidth bill is $442 a month for T-1 wireline broadband and I pay an additional ~$60 a month for supplemental wireless broadband bandwidth. So I pay over $6,000.00 a year for bandwidth. 

So what is's bandwidth bill?

If you are so sure that your online giant buddies pay their fair share for the bandwidth they use, then get them to disclose it publicly and shut us up once and for all. Or are you all afraid to discover the truth? And that the truth of the relative paltry amount the online giants pay would get people thinking about the "reverse Robin Hood" impact of you net neutrality stance on fixed income, or less advantaged Americans?

If you are genuinely for net neutrality, maybe you should ask for an amendment to Snowe Dorgan that requires everyone's broadband bill and their actual bandwidth usage of the Internet -- be fully disclosed as a matter of public record? Then we could see if  the net was genuinely net neutral to everyone and if everyone was paying for their fair share of the bandwidth being used? Now wouldn't that be neutral and fair -- everyone would be neutral and transparent and could ensure that they were not paying anymore than anyone else?