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FCC says Satellite broadband is most widely available broadband alternative

An inconvenient truth for those neutrality-ites alleging a broadband duopoly is found on page 4, of the FCC's Broadband competition report, is the following quote:

"The most widely reported technologies by this measure [availability by zip code], were satellite (with at least some presence reported in 88% of zip codes. This compares favorably to DSL which is reported in 82% of zip codes and cable modems which is reported in 57% of zip codes."

Neutrality-ites are misrepresenting the market as a broadband duopoly in at least two ways, saying it is not contested, which the satellite data above refutes and implying that it is a mature market which it is not. Table 12 shows clearly how this is an increasingly competitive market. The percent of zipcodes with one high speed provider increased from 60% in 1999 to 99% in 2005. The percent of zipcodes with four or more providers has increased from 10% in 1999 to ~67% in 2005.