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Why NN average-pricing is slop for dotcom bandwidth hogs -- soouie!

What Net neutrality is really about is average-pricing. Neutrality-ites have framed the debate around fairness to Internet websites, not fairness to Internet users. They are not one-in-the-same as neutrality-ites want you to believe.  

Most people subscribe to the old adage "you get what you pay for."

With net neutrality average-pricing for bandwidth:
--low bandwidth users pay more for the less-than-average bandwidth they use; 
-- while high bandwidth users pay less for the above-average bandwidth they use. 

While average-pricing can be a fair convenience when usage is very similar and/or when its hard to measure, Internet bandwidth usage is extremely disimilar and extremely easy to measure. 
-- Because of peer2peer video usage, a small percentage of Internet users consumer a vast majority of the Internet's bandwidth.
-- And among companies, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, eBay, and Amazon, use orders-of-magnitude more bandwidth than any other corporate entities. 

The online giants must think the rest of us are suckers.  With a straight face and an aggrieved tone they have the gall to ask Congress to pass a NN law that will make it a permanent practice that the average American transfer our wealth to them, by forcing us to pay an average price for way-below-average usage, in order to subsidize their extremely high relative Internet bandwidth usage and extraordinary 80-90% gross profit margins.

-- Would anyone think it neutral or fair if steel plants got to average down their monthly energy bill with the average consumer or pensioner on a fixed income? No!

-- Would anyone think it neutral or fair if a an interstate trucking company got to average down their monthly gas bills with the average consumer or pensioner on a fixed income?  No!

Strip away NN's slick buzzword blackmail and its easy to see the economic implications of NN mandated average pricing. It is a transparent special interest scheme to get the average lower-Internet usage American to pay the slop bill for the bandwidth hogs. Soouie! Corporate pork for dotcom billionaires! Soouie!