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Where are you Molly? CNET Executive Editor no longer debating...

The following was my latest post on the CNET comment-fest (432 comments ) on CNET Executive Editor Molly Wood's blasting of my NPR Morning Edition commentary. We in the commentariate have not heard from her in a long time. 

It is Day 27 of "CNET holding equal time hostage." I still request t hat we be allowed to have a guest column to balance your staunch pro-NN point of view or that we should do at least do a podcast. 

Now it appears that you are not participating in your own forum. Unless I missed it you have not participated in this lively 400+ comment-fest on NN -- for quite a while. Molly, we have only begun to scratch the surface of why net neutrality is such a monumentally bad idea and misguided public policy.

Why not comment on how you think it is the right policy to pull a reverse Robin Hood? Have you thought through the egalitarian implications that NN is essentially average pricing, where the users of the least band width super subsidize the users of the most bandwidth! How is it fair that a Grandma on a fixed income, subsidizes online giants that enjoy 80-90% gross profit margins? see:

Why not read the new book The Long Tail and give your readers your view why the long tail of demand creation and niches is good for every other industry but not for broadband? See:

Why not comment why the FCC Competition Report does or does not confirm whether in fact a broadband duopoly exists and if there is market failure? See:

Surely you still have views on these relevant topics that your readers would like to hear from you on? What good is an event with out it's host?