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Net Neutrality Hypocrisy over Government Monitoring

How could the government actually enforce net neutrality’s mandate requiring equal treatment of Internet traffic without mass government monitoring and surveillance of average Americans’ Internet behavior? Hypocritically, those most indignant about the Bush Administration’s NSA phone call database monitoring are often the most vocal supporters of government mandated and enforced net neutrality. If government monitoring and surveillance of communications is not warranted to fight terrorism, how do they justify it to enforce a lesser priority of ensuring commercial net neutrality for e-commerce websites?

Net neutrality proponents have yet to explain how the government would be expected to detect, deter, enforce and/or prove unfair treatment of Internet traffic without systematic monitoring and surveillance of Americans’ Internet behavior? The House Net Neutrality Bill announced recently by Rep. Ed Markey would protect e-commerce interests from network competitors, but it has no mention of safeguards for Americans privacy from unwarranted government monitoring or surveillance.

If net neutrality proponents really do care about American’s privacy, why are there no net neutrality privacy safeguards in their legislation? Given Americans concerns for their privacy, how would net neutrality work in practice? What limits would there be on government monitoring and surveillance of an average American’s Internet behavior?