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Microsoft trying to duck explaining NN stance to its investors

There was a good Reuters story today that flags that Microsoft does not want to have to explain its NN position to its shareholders.

Microsoft is in the awkward position of asking the SEC, which is all about full disclosure, why Microsoft should not have to explain a major change in its public policy position that could have a material effect on the value of the company long term.

Its always a red flag for public investors when a company resists explaining publicly its key public policy positions.

This article also highlights that Microsoft has changed-its-stripes on the wisdom of asking the government to regulate the Internet. Long an opponent of Internet regulation, it is unclear why Microsoft has done a 180 degree turn. As a former investment analyst, it seems to me that this is highly relevant strategic information that investors would be well served in more fully understanding. 

I also note that Microsoft appears to be tentative and waffling on its commitment to NN. Unlike other funders of the coalition, they did not sign the most recent letter to the Senate on NN and their leadership has been notably silent on talking about NN -- in contrast to Google, eBay and Amazon.